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Have You Heard The Good News

About almost 2 years ago By Georgie Desailly




Achieve Group is proud to announce that we are supplying to the Queensland Government as a provider to the Temporary and Contracted Workers Preferred Supplier Panel (GGS0050 PSP). This is an important contract for Achieve Group Australia as it gives us exposure to many State government departments across Queensland. Below is more information about the contract and what this means for Achieve Group! 


What is the Preferred Supplier Panel? 


In late 2019 the Queensland Government changed the way they would engage Recruitment companies for the supply of temporary staff and permanent placements. The State government made an approach to the market for eligible licenced labour hire companies to submit their tender for the new Preferred Suppliers Panel. Over a period of months, the submissions were assessed and positions on the panel were awarded.


The panel provides ongoing opportunities for suppliers to engage with Queensland Government. The panel will be refreshed periodically so suppliers can respond to changes in the market and new businesses will have the opportunity to join.


How many businesses made it onto the Preferred Supplier Panel? 


142 businesses were awarded a place on the PSP and Achieve Group Australia is proud to be one of only two companies that are purely a regional business. Almost all the other business main offices from the South East Corner or interstate!


Why is this a huge achievement for Achieve Group Australia? 


Having a PSP arrangement with the State Government raises our exposure within the government itself and in the recruitment community. Our offices have the opportunity to participate and compete against the large multinationals where we have the edg with lower overheads and a more personalised service.


Is it hard to get listed on the Preferred Supplier Panel? 


It is quite hard to get listed on the Preferred Supplier Panel. The tender process is very in depth and time consuming. The contract runs for eight (8) years and it is very sought after, so we are very excited to have been chosen.


What does this mean for Achieve Group Australia going forward? 


The exposure for Achieve Group by being on the PSP and successfully placing candidates with the State Government is invaluable as we extend our reach across Queensland.


What does this change for Achieve Group? 


The process for engaging with government departments can be somewhat different than usual clients as there is a degree of detail involved including specific processes for onboarding and accountability.