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10 Aug 2018

Good Reasons to keep our resume updated.

If you’ve been happily employed at the same job for several years, there’s a good chance your resume has been gathering virtual cobwebs.

You’re certainly not alone—my resume has yet to be updated with anything I’ve done for the past year and a half or so on the job. And if you’re not planning on searching for a new gig anytime soon, you might think this is perfectly fine.

Well, I’m here to tell you that, unfortunately, it’s not. In fact, a polished resume (and LinkedIn profile!) can be almost as valuable to you now as they are when you’re in the middle of a job search.

Gone are the days when a glowing recommendations from last employers was enough to land your next construction or Civil job. Today, construction hiring managers often ask to see a resume, and you could lose a good opportunity if yours isn’t up to speed. Follow our tips and you will be hammering out a new and improved construction or civil resume in no time.

Start with the Right Resume Format

It’s common for construction jobs to be short-term, so workers may assume that a functional resume is the best format. “If you’re using a functional resume to hide  employment gaps or job hopping, this approach could backfire, “Construction-industry employers may view the functional resume with suspicion, and wonder what you are trying to hide.”

Instead, use a  combination resume. This resume format, which leads with a qualification summary and includes a detailed work history, is a better choice for most construction workers.

State Your Goal

Include your career objective and qualifications summary near the top of your resume. “The employer should be able to glance at your resume and know your precise job target, whether you’re a carpenter, an electrician, a roofer or work in any other construction trade.  “Then provide a brief overview of your strongest qualifications.”

Presenting yourself as a jack-of-all-trades doesn’t work on a construction resume. Many times, workers will have an ‘I can do it all’ attitude, instead of listing specific specialities.

Include Construction Industry Credentials

Add a section for construction industry credentials that employers would find valuable. “Construction-related certifications, licenses, training, degrees and trade union memberships should all be easy to find, as employers will be looking for the relevant industry designations.

Also include your job-specific skills in a skills section.  Review ads for construction jobs to see what skills employers find desirable, and incorporate your matching skills into your resume. Skills could be as varied as cost estimating, project management, heavy-equipment operation, safety compliance, scheduling and facilities maintenance — every construction worker brings a different set of skills to the table.

Describe Your Accomplishments

In addition to stating your day-to-day responsibilities, give employers an idea of how well you performed at each construction job. Accomplishments — especially if meaningful and  quantitative — should always be included and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Construction worker resumes often lack sufficient detail for hiring managers to make an informed decision about the applicant. Detail each job by company, site, foreman or manager, scope of work, and type of facility.

Your resume is a marketing tool, and accomplishments will help show the value you offer. There could be 50 applicants who aren’t as experienced as you, but if your resume doesn’t make the sell, you may not get the work.

Be Truthful

Common mistake in construction resumes is “fudging information or filling in gaps so they look better,” but a  background check can uncover these lies and ruin your chance of getting hired or worse terminated.

keeping a copy of your resume on the desktop of your computer for ease of access to update as needed can be the deciding factor to your successfully gaining a role.

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