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The Problem

Do you want to recruit but you don’t have time? You would use a recruiter but the fees are prohibitive? Why not try another way?

First we have to let you know why the traditional fee is what it is- as with a lawyer you are paying for all the experience in your recruiter, you are paying for the thousands of hours that have gone into building a database of accessible candidates, the know how to quickly access niche markets, the ability to whittle down suitable candidates, millions of phone calls/ emails and thousands of adverts posted. You are also paying for the roles we don’t place and therefore work that amounts to nothing. Recruiters in general place 25% of the roles we work on so have to make our fees from that 25% with 75% amounting to zero $.

Recruiters only place 25% you guys must be rubbish? Nope think about it when you hire you advertise, you go to a few agencies, you ask your staff and hey presto you get a candidate but is it always from the same agency? This is when the role goes ahead and as you know companies change their minds, cancelling jobs or changing job functions half way through. So the traditional recruitment fee pays for all the lost placements that happen along the way, we can’t just not pay our staff. Could your business survive if 75% of work completed was for free?


The Solution

Pay As You Go recruitment

Well how about if we charged you for the work completed on the actual hours worked and on an exclusive basis? Hey presto you get all our recruitment know how and contacts for a much lower hourly fee. We can charge you this fee because we are guaranteed getting paid for the hours we work.


How it works

You want to Recruit a new staff member

$200 per hour, simples. Depending on your location and role depends how much time will be needed but a $2,000 upfront fee will get you up to 10 hours recruitment and this is all that is needed to get the recruitment party started. We will let you know how long it should take for your particular position, and of course we will let you know if more hours are needed for the project. For each successful hire a success fee of $1,500 is charged, this success fee is for two reasons- it shows you that we are motivated to fill your role and the big benefit to you is it pays for the follow up work once the candidate has started, this massively helps with retention during those first few months.

Also available is a run down on what’s been happening during the hours you are paying for, stats on people contacted and such like.


You want us to run with part of the recruitment process

Billed by the hour at $200 for a minimum of 4 hours. Want us to sift through your 300 ad responses? Need someone to conduct and verify reference checks? Want some market analysis on what your competitors are doing? Whatever you are after we can let you know if it’s possible, how long it will take and what cost you will be looking at.


Sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

The truth is there is no catch, you are paying for work actually done rather than productivity lost. You win and we win.

Alternatively if you are happy to pay a fee on success our competitive rates are based on first year remuneration, up to $99,999 is 15% and over $100,000 is 18%.

All fees are subject to GST.

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